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What we can do together...

create healthy habits, not restrictions

I provide coaching tools and assist with strategies to promote self-discovery and show you techniques to help and inspire you to reach your health and wellness goals.


The one-on-one coaching experience is a very personal one. I believe that you should be coached according to your specific needs, respecting your bio-individuality.


Each client is different and unique, so coaching programs are designed to deliver the specific results of each client.



By inspiring you to make simple, but life changing modifications, I will guide you to make the changes needed to live the happy, healthy and energising life you deserve!


Imagine getting more out of your life, increasing your productivity and energy levels, and feeling more engaged in the things you love to do.


How would your life improve if you could increase and maintain your motivation and be rid of your limiting beliefs?


Wouldn’t it be nice to be supported, encouraged and equipped with information and guidance that will help you create the healthy lifestyle that you want?

nothing looks as good as healthy feels..

Fill in the Women’s Health Coaching Form and I will contact you to book in your Initial Discovery Session to find out if working with an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach is suitable for you and your health goals!

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Think of that moment when you realised you needed to make changes in your life but where too overwhelmed or stuck so you gave up or put it to the back of your mind.

With me as your health coach we begin by working out what is going on in your life and what you would like to change.

What areas you would like to improve on… We start slowly so that it’s not hard or overwhelming. There are no strict diets or things you don’t want to do because that would be pointless. In fact, your program is designed to be fun and inspire you each day.

Creating daily healthy habits is a great way to introduce positive routines each day and then slowly add to them, until you are making these healthier choices on your own.

It could be as simple as knowing what to pack for lunch or prepare for dinner. We work on the foods you like without all the hard decisions or restrictions.

Think of me as your personal health coach, showing you the best changes to make for you. Once these healthier choices are established I become your accountability buddy to ensure that most of the time, these healthier choices are made.

It is all done with inspiration and motivation to establish and implement the life you are wishing to live.


Health coaching packages

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1 month package - Improve your mind

Time to change the way you think..

1 month Improve your mind program includes:

1 hour per fortnight one on one coaching consultation (maximum 2 sessions in total)

Goal Planning

Meal ideas

Stress management or Cooking techniques

24/7 email support


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3 month package - Improve your health

Assisting you to make informed food and health choices..

3 month Improve your health program includes:

1 hour per fortnight one on one coaching consultation in person or via skype (maximum 6 sessions in total)
Developing a plan, vision, and fortnightly goals
Comprehensive follow-up notes and guidance in the planning and goal-setting process
Coaching support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes your wanting
Informative handouts that will increase your nutrition knowledge
Meal and recipe planning
Stress management tools
Learn Ingredient listing / how to read labels and know what you’re eating
    Food Journal

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6 month package - Improve your Life

Improving your life so that you wake up feeling amazing!...

6 month Improve your life program includes:

1 hour per fortnight one on one coaching consultation (maximum 12 sessions in total)
6 month Goal Planning
Meal planning and recipes
Stress management tools
Ingredient listing / how to read labels and know what you’re eating
Kitchen coaching - Pantry / Fridge makeover
Sleep improvement techniques for peaceful sleep
Supermarket / health food store tour
Weekly support, inspiration and encouragement
Discovering life purpose
Improve to a healthy body weight
Discount on Improve Yourself workshops
Improve Yourself Journal
Improve Yourself Gratitude diary
Written coaching session reports
Handouts, worksheets
24/7 email support
Food Journal
Recipe Book
Assistance and support to improve areas of Joy, Spirituality, Relationships, Creativity, Finances, Career, Social Life, Home cooking, Health, Physical Activity, and

Learning how to always Improve yourself




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