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Are you here because you want to begin your doTERRA lifestyle?

Is the idea of improving your health, well-being and moods so exciting that you know this investment will impact your life in such a positive way??

Would you like to setup your account to access 25% off whenever you want to shop!

There has never been a more important time to empower yourself with this information and with these amazing tools that will bring you increased vitality and energy!




Have you been wanting to open a doTERRA wholesale account but are feeling confused with all the options and how to do it? 

Let’s simplify everything and make your decision easy.

If you already know what you want it is super easy to get started. Simply CLICK HERE


+ Click Join & Save

+ Choose your language and the country you want shipped too (e.g. English, Australia)

+ Continue and click LOCAL OTG if you are ordering within Australia

+ Choose WHOLESALE CUSTOMER or WELLNESS ADVOCATE (Wellness Advocate gives you the ability to earn compensation and bonuses)

+ Fill in your details and create yourself a password

+ Be sure to have my membership number in the enroller section so that I can personally support you on your health journey - 3142984

+ Below you will choose the kit you want OR the $35 intro paperwork and type in the names of the oils and blends you want and then fill in your payment details.


Getting a wholesale account with doTERRA has been by far the best and most life changing decision I have ever made. It has led to amazing transformations in so many areas of my life.

Click through the images below to see the different oil kits available

doTERRA, a Latin derivative meaning
“Gift of the Earth

Not only have the essential oils allowed me to support myself, my family and the wider community with natural solutions that actually work, without all the nasty side effects, they have helped us to support our immune systems, respiratory systems, gut health, clear skin, provided deeper more restful sleep, managing and supporting moods, getting rid of toxic household and personal care products, managing pain, making healthy food delicious and SO MUCH MORE.


To make your life easy I have added the most popular kits and best value options for you to choose. 

Click here if you would like more info on all the kits.



Australian Enrolment Kits

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